Getting ready for your session...

Plan to have a pre-session consultation to discuss colors, outfits and other fine details.  Whether it's a special occasion, family reunion, vacation or

something as simple as an everyday snapshot, plan ahead for your portraits. Here are some hair, makeup, and clothing tips to get you perfectly photo-ready!

  • No logos, bold prints, patterns, or plaids.
  • Choose traditional clothing, it remains in style.
  • Outfits that positively accentuates you.
  • Bring more than one outfit.
  • Avoid plunging necklines.
  • Wear colors that look good on you.
  • Avoid black if you have dark hair. 
  • Small earrings & necklace. Avoid very large jewelry.
  • Wash your hair the same day.
  • Avoid heavy hairspray or gel.
  • Avoid extreme hairstyles.
  • Use face powder lightly, matte foundation.
  • No glitter or "glowing" finish.
  • Women/Men-Long sleeves in both shirts and dresses.
  • Use a lip balm or lip cream before applying lipstick.
  • Women - Subtle prints or solids work best.
  • Moderately scooped and V-necks work best.
  • Men - Solids and Darker Colors.
  • Men - A fresh shave and trim moustache or beard.

After the session...

 Your proofs will be ready for viewing in 2-3 weeks.  An appointment to view the portraits and place your order will be made.   You may make any
special requests for designs, colors, or special effects for certain selections or composites.  Feel free to make suggestions or decline any suggestions.

Full payment by check, cash, or Pay Pal (credit card) at the time order is placed.  Your order may be shipped directly to you. 

While I will make every effort to ensure your complete happiness and satisfaction with your portraits, due to the unique nature of custom portraiture.