Welcome to my website. I am a second-generation native Texan, raised in Houston. I am many things including wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. My memories of taking photographs goes back to when I was about nine years old. A couple of decades ago I fell in love with capturing images of wildlife and nature. Traveling to places like Alaska, Hawaii, Yellowstone NP, Grand Canyon, South America, Africa, Svaldbard Norway has given me the opportunity to see some awesomely beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Eleven years ago I was challenged to do portrait photography. My response was, "That's hard, I would rather photograph a flying bird".

   To be a professional portrait photographer takes a lot of continuing education just like when I was a nurse.  I continue to sharpen my skills particularly newborn baby posing.  I am passionate about photographing the sweet little angels days after entering this world.   After attending numerous seminars, workshops, conventions and Texas School of Photography, I believe my photography has brought a smile and warmed the heart of many people. Open any one of my lovely galleries and receive a blessing. I appreciate your visit and ask you to leave a "footprint" by adding a comment.

Thank you,
Mary O. Blackwell